For years I have Mused best at Midnite. This is the Collection Place.

Musing finds me.

Though I have Mused for years on Facebook, I have never collected those late night meditations and musings in one place. This. Is. It.


Author: SalesCoachOne, YES, Your Empowerment Specialists

RANDY HURST has a "lifetime" of Sales and Sales related experience. He has been a top salesperson, recruiter, trainer, and coach with two Fortune 100 companies. Before establishing YES, Your Empowerment Specialists he served as Direct Sales Coach / Analyst for Comcast's Xfinity Brand the #31 Fortune 50 Company (2017). He trains and coached people in the hardest possible Sales challenge: Door to Door Cold Calling on people who most likely had some form of a bad customer service experience with the worst ranked company in the industry. His trainees were highly effective in convincing many of them to come back. Just imagine how this effective, caring, listening strategy could empower your sales team!

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